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Jetty Facility

BMT Jetty is situated at Selat Sunda Straits, Geographical position, 05-67-14" Latitude South & 105-59-54" Longitude East, Navigation Charts SBNP with DSI No-2264. It is strategically located at the main Vessel traffic route. We are specialized with competent crew to meet all ISGOTT standards and receive both Local and international Vessel. Our services include planning for Vessel arrival, arranging pilot, mooring, etc for the safe Vessel berthing at our Jetty.


BMT Jetty is a T-shaped type jetty which capable to receive local and foreign vessels with following specification :

Capacity :

15,000 DWT

DWT Draft : 

9.0 m

LOA : 

180 m

Dock Lines :

10 SUS 304, 6"
3 SUS 304, 8"
2 SUS 316, 6"
1 Molten Sulphur, 8"
1 Bitumen, 8"

Maximum Displacement : 

20,000 MT

Minimum Ship Parallel Body Length : 

27 m

Sea Depth : 

11 m

Export Product Pumps :

SUS 304 centrifugal pump capacity 300 cub M/HSUS
316 centrifugal pump capacity 175 cub M/H
Carbon Steel centrifugal pump capacity 150 cub M/H

Rubber Fenders.

The jetty is well equipped for loading and unloading proccess.

Nitrogen Supply is also available depends on customer requirements.

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