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PLB Services

The objective of Bonded Logistics Center (PLB) is to make Indonesia as the national/international logistics distribution center, to create a low-cost and efficient logistics distribution, as well as to support the growth of domestic industry.
BMT is one of the 28 companies that has PLB certification on 20 October 2016.


1.    Flexibility to store goods in the tank/warehouse for up to three years
2.    Receive tax incentives
3.    Import license apply when delivery out of PLB
4.    Transhipment in PLB
5.    Export through PLB
6.    Export from PLB
7.    No physical check in clearance


PPJK Services

PT. Bumimerak Terminalindo has license of Pengusaha Pengurusan Jasa Kepabeanan (PPJK) to provide the service of handling import clearance at Merak customs and excise either Pemberitahuan Impor Barang (PIB) or Pemberitahuan Ekspor Barang (PEB).

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